Tuesday-Wednesday - 4pm-10pm

Thursday-Friday - 3pm-10pm

Saturday - (Noon)12pm -10pm

Closed Sunday


1 East Bald Eagle St. Lock Haven 17745

(Diagonal from the Station Gallery)

Reservation Policy:

Due to current space restrictions reservations are strongly encouraged. Thank you for your understanding of this policy

Phone # 570-858-1933

Our Mission

Eat Local

We pledge that our food will be locally sourced from farmers, butchers, and bakeries around the central Pennsylvania area. With our partnership with local farms we will help to contribute to the sustainability of our local farms, while having the benefit of providing our customers with fresh ingredients and food.

Drink Local

Central Pennsylvania is exploding with a movement to brew local and drink local, and some of the best beers in America are being brewed right here in Pennsylvania. We are committed to bringing the largest selection of Pennsylvania beers in the area along with a selection of off the wall house brews from the mind of our mad scientist beer junkie and brewer Nick.

Celebrate Local

The Lock Haven and central Pennsylvania area has a rich history in lumber and the hard work and determination of its inhabitants has helped to build this community. We celebrate this rich history and honor seven generations of lumber within our extended family. With the permission of the Ross Library we are able to give you a glimpse into the lives of the people who shaped this community through high quality digital prints of original historical documents from their extensive photography archive. Celebrate this history with us.

Why “Broken Axe Brew House” ??

Once you walk into the Broken Axe Brew House you will notice its logging theme. This theme represents the town of Lock Havens rich logging history. From the Mann Axe Factory in Mill Hall to Boom Island, this community played a huge part in the lumber movement in Pennsylvania. Like many people who grew up in this area, they can search back in their history and find relatives who were loggers. The lumber theme is also an ode to the owners family ties to logging. Nicks family currently owns and runs a wood 3processing yard in Albany, NY. His grandparents were also involved in the lumber industry, from the forests of the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, to the northern forests of Canada, to a lumber mill on the shores of the Hudson in New York, lumber has been in his family for generations. Jocelyn’s great grandfather also worked in a lumber yard in Maine years ago. The picture to the left shows Nicks great, great maternal grandfather logging in the  Canadian wilderness. (fourth from left with X over his head, click on picture to enlarge)

About the Owners

165123_1431801169620_3900811_nNick was born and raised in upstate New York. He is a Lock Haven University graduate, was on the wrestling team for 5 years, and has been living in Lock Haven since 2002. Unlike most college students, when Nick turned 21 he immediately migrated to the backside of the bar and has been a prominent fixture there ever since. During that time he grew into a beer making enthusiast. His brewing days started on a stove top in his kitchen then progressed to a small brewing setup in his basement, which he handmade himself. By studying his continuingly growing library of brewing literature, making beer with his fellow brewers, and brewing for beer festivals, he has grown to love the craft. Along with his brew making he also found a great appreciation for fine spirits and exploring the art of putting a modern spin on traditional cocktails.

Nick’s wife Jocelyn was born in Maine and raised in Lock Haven, PA. She attended Lock Haven Catholic School, went to Central Mountain High School, and is a LHU graduate as well. She also shares Nick's love for beer and brewing and also has a great appreciation for the food and cooking world. She is an avid vegetable and herb gardener and an advocate for cooking with farm fresh products.

Nick and Jocelyn’s common hobby of road tripping has also lead to many brewery and food adventures all over Pennsylvania, New York, and New England. Deciding to open their very own place, nestled in the small town of Lock Haven, has been their biggest, most exciting adventure yet. So please welcome to our Broken Axe Brew House and come celebrate our love for local beer and food.