Employment Opportunities at Broken Axe Brew House

Do you have a love for craft beer and a large knowledge of craft beer styles?

Are you a positive and outgoing person that enjoys working with a team?

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Positions Currently Available: (Updated 3/2/24)

Serving Position

Must be 18 years or older to apply.  Knowledge of using a POS (point of sales) system encouraged, restaurant experience is not required but appreciated. Shifts begin at 3 or 4pm to 11pm daily. Will need to be self-motivated, punctual, be willing to work as a team, have a positive attitude and disposition, and competent with handling money. The position will be part time, 15-30 hours per week.

Night Line-Cook Position

Line Cook Position effective immediately. We are seeking a motivated, creative, and dedicated individual with availability and a want to work. Job responsibilities would include nightly line cooking shifts. Prior cooking experience on the line (specifically grill/flattop) in a restaurant atmosphere.  shifts begin at 3 or 4pm to 11pm daily. This position will be part time, 2-3 shifts with 14-20 hours immediately available and opportunity to advance and grow with the business. Competitive pay based on experience.

Please Note:
RAMP Certification- is required for all front of house positions, must complete certification within 60 days of employment (see manager for further details).
Professionalism- must adhere to the company’s dress and hygiene policies and be a positive role model for fellow employees and customers alike.
Broken Axe Brew House is an equal opportunity employer. We adhere to a policy of making employment decisions without regards to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, age, or disability.

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