Only for adults? Yeah it’s true.. But Why?

Do they hate children?, Do they not understand the challenging of raising and traveling with children?

From they day we opened, and the years before, we had a vision of opening a unique eatery that would compliment the areas other eateries’ and represent us.

Additionally we wanted to be specific and focused on that vision. If you walked into our restaurant over the past 2+ years, you will notice a chalkboard in the entrance it states: “If you came here looking for a light fizzy beer represented by a multi million dollar ad campaign, you probably came to the wrong place!!!, We are a bit cheeky, but we are trying to be very clear in our mission.

Below Is a response to patron who disagreed with our policy:

We apologize for any inconvenience that our policy may have caused. We would like to take this opportunity to better explain our policy. Back in 2014 and 2015 when we were in the planning stages of opening our tap room restaurant a lot of time and thought went into building the proper atmosphere that would complement the space we were going to utilize. Our space is very limited and no seat is much farther than ten feet from the bar area. With our size restrictions and our focus on alcohol service, particularly craft beer, we determined that it would be most appropriate to focus on an adult demographic. Furthermore, from the experience of working in the restaurant business for the last 15 years we have experienced the challenges and liabilities of an all age venue in this town. This becomes the slippery slope, do we allow some demographics such as infants into the establishment and not teens. Do we restrict adults from the age of 18-20 due to the tendency of legal age adults sometimes including parents allowing these individuals to “take a sip”, and one of my favorite arguments over the years “he’s my kid and he can have a drink if he wants”. Whether you agree or disagree with the previous statement all of these situations fall back on to the liability of the establishment. Additionally, the time spent by staff explaining exceptions in the liquor law that allow for some establishments to allow all ages into a restaurant if the percentage of food sales surpasses a set benchmark “the Pizza Hut exemption” (we don’t qualify). These were all considerations when deciding that adopting a blanket 21+ policy would be the most appropriate for our establishment.
With all of this in mind and the limitations and restrictions due to space and concept we determined it was important to focus on creating a space for a demographic that we felt was not being served in this area. We chose to focus on a relaxing adult venue that perhaps could provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of family and work life if just for a moment. A place for couples to take a relaxing date night or for teachers to relax away from the stresses of work and students, a little escape for parents as a grandparent or friend takes over to give parents a chance to breathe. We know this is not always possible for parents and we are extremely happy that we have so many friends in the restaurant business in this area who focus on family dining and do it so well. We again apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused and hope that if you do get a chance for “date night” we could be a nice option for you.