Broken Axe Brew House Mug Club

All available Full 2021 Mug Club Memberships Have Been Claimed.

Please follow our social media for updates on future Mug Club openings.


your very own New 2021 Mug
Official 2021 Mug Club T-Shirt
Free Birthday Burger meal
Private End of the year Mug Club Party
Plus group events like
Mug club Nights at the Roxy

Whats the deal with the Mug Club?


In January of 2016 the Broken Axe Brew House opened up membership for our yearly mug club. If you would like to join stop in and ask the bartender for an application card. Each time you return have your card punched. Once you have reached 10 punches on your card you are eligible to join the mug club when spots become available. The cost of joining is $45 a year renewed before January 15th each year. The club was limited to the first 100 members in 2016, expanded to 150 members in 2017, expanded to 180 members in 2018, expanded to 190 members in 2019 and in 2020 expanded to 200 full mug club members where it will be caped off. In 2020 the addition of an Auxiliary mug club of 25 member was also created due to overwhelming and humbling demand.

Every year you receive these benefits:

Your own 18oz mug behind the bar for you and only you
A Broken Axe Brew House mug club member T-shirt
mug club only discount coupons on food
Free Birthday burger the month of your birthday
Invitation for you and a guest to an exclusive mug club only nights

How can you join the Mug Club?

Step 1: ask your server for an application punch card.

Step 2: Obtain 10 punches on your application punch card (one punch per day/visit)

Step 3: Hand in your application card to be added to the Mug Club Waiting list.

Step 4: On January 16th any person on the Mug Club waiting list may claim any available mugs in person on a first come basis.

(note: a surrogate may claim your mug for you if you are not able to, one mug claim per person)

2020 Mug Club Announcements:

10 more mugs will be added this January bringing our total number to 200 members!
Let your Friends Know
We will be opening our mug club membership to 200 this January. New members must still obtain an application card at the bar and 10 punches to join the waiting list.

Special Announcement!!
The New Mug Club Auxiliary!!!
Due to the humbling and awesome interest in joining our Mug Club but the realistic restrictions in space for hanging mugs and space to host all our members within the Broken Axe we are opening a Mug Club Auxiliary
What is the Mug Club Auxiliary?
Mug Club Auxiliary Members will receive all benefits of regular members excluding the following:
Due to space restrictions, only full members will be invited to the end of the year party.
Auxiliary members will not receive a personal mug to hang and take home but will be able to drink out of our new 17.5oz Glass Mug Club Mugs.
The cost of joining the auxiliary is $35 for the year.

The Auxiliary will be opened to the first 25 members of our mug club waiting list to sign up starting January 16th after all full Mug Club Memberships have been claimed. if you miss out on available mugs you still have a chance to join the Auxiliary and will have the first chance to claim a full mug membership the following year.

January 16th !!! doors open at 3pm !!!

If you’re on the waiting list...

Mark your calendar the wait ends January 16th  Thank you to our die hard new Mug Club members who waited in line to claim a spot in 2019.